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Anxiety to Ease

Helping you to become grounded, balanced and find clarity during tumultuous times. Online sessions available during physical distancing times.

Energy Renewal Sessions

Bring yourself back to balance and harmony by releasing the energy and emotions you have picked up from others, environments and events.
Feel empowered as you learn the tools to do this for yourself.

Restorative Yoga

Awaken your body's innate healing abilities through deep relaxation. This powerful and unique offering is more than just poses! Energy work, crystals, breathing techniques, powerful visualizations and more to bring you back to balance. This practice can be life changing.
Offering ZOOM sessions in this time of physical distancing.

Heart Centered Guidance

Unique Angel Card Readings that include an Energy Shift & Impartation.

About Nathalie

I help Empaths & Sensitives

who are experiencing anxiety, stress and overwhelm to


by providing Energy Renewal Sessions ,

Online Signature Restorative Yoga classes

and Workshops.

A bit about me:

  • Transformed Panic Attacks, Anxiety & Grief with Yoga
  • Over 10 years experience working with Energy
  • Speaker 2019 Spiritual & Wellness Expo 
  • Leader of many Wellness Workshops and Events on using Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Energy work for reducing anxiety, stress and overwhelm and Spiritual Wellness for individuals, families and kids.  2008-current
  • Provided hundreds of Energy Healing Sessions and Angel Card Readings 
  • Thousands of hours teaching yoga and leading meditation and visualization
  • Creator Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Program for Social Workers 2018-2019
  • Creator of a unique Restorative Yoga Class that uses high vibrational tools, energy work and meditation
  • Working with companies and individuals one one one and group settings Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara area for over 10 years
  • Volunteer Meditation Facilitator Oakville Seniors Centers Without Walls – 2020

More about my formal training HERE


An Energy Renewal Session is a nurturing, in person (or online), fully clothed, minimal touch session wherein you are an active participant and I am the guide and channel for the energy.

These 60 minute sessions can include a combination of meditation, visualization, hands on energy work, restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques and working with carefully chosen powerful crystals on the body.

Together, we shift and dissipate frenetic energy in order for you to feel grounded, calm and deeply rejuvenated from life’s stresses.

During a session,  many experience a powerful energy flow in the body that they have never experienced before with other Energy workers.  Some experience an emotional release while others have reported having deep epiphanies.  However, each experience is very unique.

Those who are more open, without judgement or expectations will have an easier time receiving instead of resisting the energy flow.  It is my belief that you will receive that which on a higher level of awareness, you are ready and willing to receive.

After a session, assisted by my calming and nurturing energy, my clients report having more mental clarity, a renewed sense of spirit and feel more balanced.

With continued sessions,  this work often leads to an awakening in your intuition and awareness and learning to work with your own innate healing abilities. 


Due to Covid, Nathalie has taken her classes online!

When Nathalie first discovered yoga in 2005, it had a huge impact on her and completely changed her life.  She had a lot of fear and anxiety to the point that she thought she was having a heart attack at 30, to discover that it was actually anxiety and stress. 

Yoga helped her to grieve the sudden loss of her mother, be present with those emotions and bit by bit, release them over time in a supporting environment.

With her first yoga class, she felt a shift and change within her that with continued practice TRANSFORMED her life.  She just knew that “she felt better” after class.

Nathalie wants to share this transformative experience with YOU.

YOU TOO can transform yourself from stressed, overwhelmed, fearful and being led by your thoughts


  • become calm, grounded & confident
  • quiet the thoughts
  • be led by the energy of your heart and intuition
  • manage anxiety and panic attacks
  • become more comfortable in your own skin
  • discover your true self

Nathalie will help you to

cultivate mind / body awareness so that you can recognize in yourself early on when anxiety is coming and the tools to get through it with more ease. 

Her classes also offer you the space and time for grieving loss.

Nathalie believes everyone has access to their intuition and her classes will awaken YOUR intuition, as it did with her.

Nathalie’s signature class will help you to create a state in the body for deep healing, growth and repair

  • manage anxiety and panic attacks
  • cultivate mind/body awareness
  • learn how your thoughts are connected to how you feel in the body and use that knowledge to your advantage!
  • feel more confident
  • feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • feel more yourself
  • awaken intuition and psychic abilities
  • grieve loss 
  • calm busy mind
  • learn to be guided by your intuition rather than the mind
  • inner transformation

This class is not a one time fix! it is however, a journey that has to be experienced and practiced over time, but you will “feel better” after your first class.


Nathalie learned that the anxiety and the overwhelming sensitivity she had to events, certain people and places were due to her being an empath and THIS could be true for you too! and you may not realize it.

She will help you to discover if this is true for you and how to build resilience.

During Nathalie’s Signature classes:

not only are you guided through relaxing poses but also Energy Work, Crystal Healing and Meditation into one powerful class!

In your class, you will use and learn

  • poses specifically chosen for their healing properties
  • meditation
  • working with crystals
  • working with energy
  • moving “prana”: life force energy
  • powerful visualizations
  • release heavy, stuck energies

    Find out more about the what restorative yoga is HERE

    (Coming SOON!)click for ONLINE Schedule here


    What Nathalie's Clients are Saying:

    Catherine Katic

    Catherine Katic

    "Nathalie has a true gift and we are so blessed that she chooses to share it. She can read & see things you don't even know lie hidden within you. Working with her has changed my life"

    Melanie Choi

    Melanie Choi

    "I felt the healing energy right away & felt more clear-headed & energetic after my session"



    "I want to thank you for your wonderful classes. I've practiced Restorative Yoga with many teachers & your classes, by far, exeeds any previous teaching."

    Dominique Sy

    Dominique Sy

    "My tension melted away & I felt instantly rejuvenated, lovingly supported & balanced."

    Lara McCulloch

    Lara McCulloch

    "Nathalie is a natural & has such a peaceful & caring approach to everything she does. I'd recommend her to anyone."

    Sue Pepe

    Sue Pepe

    "Nathalie has a way of making all the stress & pressures of life seem far, far away! My session with her was simply amazing!"



    “I have to tell you that you are incredible. Your energy and class is amazing. I’m so grateful that I found you. Thank you!”



    "I felt so relaxed and peaceful the rest of the day.
    I look forward to the next one.”

    Kate Lynn

    Kate Lynn

    SO helpful! I highly recommend this beautiful soul!


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