Hi! My Name is Nathalie!

I have been told by my clients that I am a catalyst for change and that I exude a very calming and nurturing energy.  As a light and energy worker who is an empath and clairvoyant, I am trained in:

  • Body Regeneration Method © Level 2
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Crystal Energy Worker
  • Certified Yoga Instructor and
  • Angel Light Certified Practitioner

I have been working with energy and as a yoga instructor for over 10 years.  I continue to evolve in my work and learn new and effective methods in working with the energy field to assist my clients to evolve into the greatest version of themselves.

The longer story:

Today, I feel called to work closely with the Angelic Realms and bring their messages and guidance to my clients so that they can create more ease in their lives.  I do this by providing Angel Facilitation and Readings, as well as by teaching truly unique workshops that including restorative yoga, Body Regeneration Method and Angel Facilitation.

I continue to learn and grow with the Angels and my guides daily and it gives me great joy to be in service and to share their messages and guidance with my clients.

As a young child I would often talk to “sparkly lights” whenever I was alone that kept me company, and made me feel safe and loved.

Around my 20’s I began to see energy which at the time I thought was swirling dust in front of living plants and trees.  It was while talking to my mother that I realized that no one else was seeing what I was.  Around this time I also began noticing strong sensations and feelings in my left hand and foot which I later learned was sensing energy.

My close friends will tell you that I have had many prolific dreams about them and their lives! Not only describing my best friend’s future husband, but also receiving messages from his deceased father, all before they even met! I remember waking one morning and all I could hear was “Krista, Krista!” with great excitement!  I had to call her in New York that moment where she confirmed my intuition that she at that moment was in the hospital getting ready for the birth of her son.

I began to follow the energy and became a Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki level 1&2 Practitioner.

With the birth of my son, everything intensified including my senses to see, feel and know intuitively. I began to see lights emanating from my crystals and sensing their unique energies while holding them.

I continued to follow the energy and became a certified Reiki Master, Angel Light Certified Practitioner and Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.

Occasionally during a client reading, deceased loved ones will come through.  Although I cannot determine if, who or what information will come, I do however give the “un-edited” information as I receive it that is open for the clients interpretation.