Clearing Negative Energy from your Crystals

Before I was keenly aware of my sensitivity to energy, I used to be skeptical when people told me that I needed to ‘cleanse’ or ‘clear’ my stones before working with them.

jewel in handBut now, as someone who is able to practice Psychometry, (sensing information from objects), I believe that personal objects can be imprinted with the energy of the person it belongs to.  The electromagnetic field of the object is imprinted with information such as the person’s attributes, attitudes, physical likeness and an overall demeanour that can be sensed by holding the object.  This applies to crystals and stones also.

If the imprint of that person’s energy on your crystal is not desirable and negative, then it could cloud the effectiveness of your crystal.  You may experience headaches, become easily irritated, or dislike the crystal without any known reason.

For example, I went to a Gem and Mineral Show last Spring and the man I bought a raw piece of Amazonite from had a negative energy about him.

Once I brought the stone home, I still felt the negative energy.  I didn’t want to go near my beautiful new rock because I could sense the dense energy that had been imprinted on the stone’s electromagnetic field mixing with my energy field.  This made me feel awful and uncomfortable.  This stone needed heavy-duty cleansing!

2 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals.  Here are my top 2 favorite methods:



I like to leave my new stones overnight in the moonlight and in the mornings’ sunlight for 3 to 4 hours

  • the sunlight before noon is best
  • outside is best, but indoors on a window sill is still good too (CAUTION: Rain or dew: will disintegrate stones with a MOH’s hardness of 6 or less! or may rust if it has iron in it, like Pyrite)

For a thick energetic imprint that is really undesirable, like my amazonite was, consider keeping it in the light for a few days and nights. 

If It’s still not cleared, then for a few days you may have to:

  • place them directly on the Earth
  • bury them into the Earth
  • leave them outdoors for 28 days, one full cycle of the moon


water 3

  • run your crystals under water (WARNING: only for stones with a MOH’s hardness of 7 or more, or else your stone will disintegrate before your eyes and you will cry!)
  • AND imagine the water as white light cleansing away any impurities down the drain. Intention is EVERYTHING!

How Often?

Be guided by your intuition.  I may work with the same stones for a month in a crystal grid or mojo bag before cleansing them again.  However, I cleanse stones I use for healing after each use.

In the end, it is all about intention and listening to your intuition as to the method and length of time that is best for you to clear your crystals.  It’s best not to skip clearing them because uncleared stones will alter their effectiveness.