Fluorite to Beat Scatter Brain and Get Things Done!

I get a ton of ideas that I want to put into action. I have learned to write them down in order to calm my mind, but then I have so many items on my list that it seems too intimidating to complete, I don’t know where to start, so I usually give up.  Does this sound like you?

I needed a way to PRIORITIZE, STAY FOCUSED and COMPLETE a task or idea to the very end.

fluorite flatI decided to use my purple and blue fluorite crystal because fluorite its supposed to be good for mental clarity and improved decision making and I hadn’t worked with it yet.

Man oh man, was I organized when I used it!  I stuck to one idea and saw it through till the end.  It took me all day to complete it, but I was FOCUSED, METHODICAL, and ACCOMPLISHED! It felt so good to complete an idea to the very end.

I am using the stone again now as i write this post, in order to not get distracted, stay on track and finish what I start.

Fluorite can come in many different colours.  The different colours harmonizes them to assist with specific chakras.  The blue works well with the throat chakra, assisting in clearly communicating ideas.  Purple works well with the 3rd eye chakra, mind and intuition.  The combo helps me to access my intuition to get my thoughts focused and organized and to speak or write them with clarity.

When to use this stone?

  • Studying/exams/reports
  • writing your blog
  • any type of activity where you need to have clear thoughts and putting the thoughts into action in an organized and methodical format. “organize your thoughts”.

Other Stones to Use in Combination with Fluorite

While working at my computer, I like to use my large black tourmaline in combination with the fluorite.


#1-it helps to clear my energy field and protect me from the undesirable energy from my computer and

#2- to keep me grounded so that I am not “spacey”.  Being grounded helps me to take action on my inspirations.

Orange calcite would be another great combination to fluorite to access more creativity in my focused writing.

Sometimes it is only when you start working with your stones individually, that you tap into their unique properties and realize how much they work.

Start journalling your experience working with your stones and share your results in the comments below.  I would love to hear what works for you 🙂