Receiving Messages from your Angels


While sitting down this morning to do my Angel Communication, I connected with Archangel Jophiel.  The first image I was shown was a Zebra…”ok… that’s interesting” I thougtht.  I continued my communication with Archangel Jophiel to have other messages revealed that brought lots of enlightenment and guidance for the day.  (Thank you Archangel Jophiel!)

I remained non judgemental with the image of the Zebra.  I know that although I may not know what it means in the moment of the communication, that it will have relevance at some point. Usually it will have a really great impact when it does show up!

I enjoy going to the book store and chose to go today.  While there, I felt like looking at the clearance section.  Sure enough, there was a bin with lots of images in it including one with Zebra’s on it!  The Angels love to play out synchronicities that delight and surprise you!


Archangel Jophiel’s message to us is that it is important that we connect to our imagination more often.  Imagination makes all things possible, it is where we create our present.  Just imagine what we could create if we dare to let it run wild!  Imagination also makes it easier for you to communicate and receive messages from your Angels. Be fearless to be that “Golden Zebra” that stands out from the crowd with your imagination.

The important thing to remember when receiving messages from your angels is to remain non-judgemental and open.  Don’t try to figure things out.  Just continue to go about your day and make choices based on what makes you fell joyful.  This is also what is known as “going with the flow” and making choices from the heart.  Do this, and the synchronicities will be revealed in perfect Divine timing.

I purchased the picture with trust in this Divine Guidance, although it was not something I would ususally purchase.  I said ” ok Angels! I’m going to trust and buy it…” (which was on sale by the way, thank you Angels!)

As a side note, It is very interesting that I got front row parking on all my stops today!  (Thank you parking Angels! ) The Angels want to make it easy for you to receive their messages and beautiful synchronicities.  Remain open, non-judgemental and make choices that are easy and that make you feel light and happy; choices from the Heart.  Do not go searching for any answers or signs. That is the old way, Ego and mind centered way.

If you feel like it isn’t easy for you, ask your Angels for more ease please!  Remember, you must ask for your Angels help because of the law of Free Will.  Ask your angels to help you with your imagination if you feel stuck.  Do something creative to get in touch with your imagination, like painting or coloring or something “crafty”.

This picture is quickly becoming one of my most admired pieces! I’m so glad that I followed the Angelic guidance to purchase it.  Now every time I look at it, it reminds me of the beautiful sychronicities that took place and I feel like it is a direct message and gift from  Archangel Jophiel that I can enjoy.

Have fun receiving messages from your Angels!