Psychic Kids!

I have found a GREAT resource for you as a Parent of a Psychic kid!

A television show on A&E called “Psychic Kids”: Children of the Paranormal

In the episodes that I have recently watched from 2008- 2010, the show matches up a few families together so that they can find support in each other and to normalise and see that there are other regular families out there with special kids, who have no clue how to support them.


Strip away the “spooky” music and close up shots to dramatise the show (really not necessary), and you will find a really great resource to support you and your psychic Kid.

These are regular families like yours.  Some of the parents have psychic abilities themselves, but most do not.  The kids are usually in a state of feeling alone and different and ostracised or even “crazy” because of their talents.  In each of the episodes the kids are guided with the help of a Psychic Medium and Therapist.  In the episodes that I have watched, the kids are mentored by Chip Coffey, a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor who also grew up as a psychic kid, and by a clinical psychologist to support the family.  Chip helps the kids to ultimately accept the supernatural abilities as a “gift” and “talent” and not a “curse”.  He shows them ways to take their power back and set up boundaries to empower them with their abilities.  He teaches them to look fear in the eye so that they are no longer fearful.  The psychologist helps to support the group with meaningful conversations that help them to express how they are feeling through it all.

Chip helps them to, as he says “have no fear, have no doubt ”.  This is an empowering message that can be for everyone!

Chip has written a book called “Growing Up Psychic” which is on my list on books to get!  Many of my clients have psychic, sensitive and empathic kids, I think this would be a good read for them as well.

“Why” kids have these abilities is, in my humble opinion, not important. But rather, to support them in knowing that YOU, the parent, are a safe space with their information and gifts, even if the rest of the world isn’t yet.

I would add, that I would only share this talent with those who will be accepting and supportive until you can reach a point in life where you don’t care about the judgement of others and can stand in your power.

I like how the show includes the assistance of a clinical psychologist or therapist to help support the families by moderating clear and meaningful conversations to support one another.  Many times, by the end of the show, parents feel like they have  a closer relationship with their kids and many have a greater respect for them.  The kids feel empowered, safe, understood and special.  How does it get better than that?

If you have a psychic kid, this show is a great resource for you!  Just ignore the “spooky” music and “close up shots” used to sensationalise the show.  If those elements were not there, I would say watch with your kids to help normalise, but I think they have made it too “scary” for them, so just watch on your own.

I’m so glad to have found this show and to share it with you to support you and your family’s journey.

A NEW season is underway now! (August 2019).  In A&E’s advertisements it says that the kids who were chronicled in the original series 10 years ago are now the ones supporting the new generation of psychic kids and their families.  I’m hoping they have taken away the “scary” music and dramatisation…I can’t wait to watch!

Let me know how it’s going with your kiddos!

Also, please share any great resources you have found as parents of Psychic kids.

Much Love,