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what is “Your Own Wisdom”?

It is your intuition.  It’s the part of you that knows, feels and senses, without knowing how or why you know.  It is your inner guidance system that is unique to you.

How does one connect to or ‘hear’ this wisdom? 

This wisdom comes from your heart.  When the mind is very busy with chatter, and when we are stressed, we must become still in order to hear the wisdom from our heart: our intuition.


Why do we want to connect to it?

When times are difficult and stressful, it becomes difficult to see, sense or know what choices to make in your life to have more ease, more joy, more money, more fun, better relationships etc…  If we are able to connect to our inner wisdom more easily, then we can make choices that will bring us the experiences that we wish to have more easily with less stress.  It does require Trust and Faith!  The more you are able to listen, the more trust and faith you will have in it.



Becoming Still

Here are some suggestions:

  • Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Qi Gong
  • Breathing Practices
  • Walk in nature
  • Really Self Nurture yourself!

Self Nurture

Doing something that really fuels you rather than depleting you

Here are some suggestions:

  • listen to soft music
  • baking
  • painting
  • doodling
  • drawing
  • epsom salt bath

Not all of these suggestions will be right for everyone.  Be sure that whatever you choose fuels you, rather than depletes you.  Theses activities will help you to release stress, and become more centered and grounded.

You may need to do one or all of theses things to become still. For some it may take several days or weeks depending on your level of stress, to return to the true you that is balanced, centered and grounded. Or It could take one full day of self nurture, or perhaps just one yoga practice or meditation.  It depends on where your at and how much stress you need to release.

Once you have used these tools to de-clutter the mind, still the emotional tides, and become still, then you can begin to hear the Whispers of Wisdom from the Heart and feel Divine Guidance.

The wisdom might come as a hunch, a feeling, a knowing or an idea.  It may be suddenly something you would really like to do, see or be a part of.

It will feel light an easy and bring you joy to do it.

When I get a guidance, there is often “no emotion” attached to it when it comes into my awareness.  Just very straight forward.

When you are fully in the present moment, intuition is your constant guide and friend.


Much Love,





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