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Guidance January 2020

from the Collective of Love, the Angelic Realm:

“Dear One, Fear not that change is upon you. Fear not that there are endings occurring.  Fear not that you are a Being of great strength and power.
For you will thrive.

Through these activities of light, there will be darkness, there will be moments of surrender for Pure Love to arise from the ashes of deep sorrow.  But yes, it shall rise, for there is no other destiny but the one that you have created with all of your choices thus far. Yes, your prayers have been heard, Love. For we guide you now through a period of darkness.  Darkness that will show you clarity.  For you shall remain and always be a child of the light.  Fear not dear one,

‘For there is nothing tho fear but fear itself’.

Go now.
Be that which you truly be, that wondrous spark of light and energy which gives generously and tenaciously with all of her heart.  Fear not dear one, for there is only darkness through which emerges clarity.”

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” – Victor Hugo



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