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2020 A Year of Change

 “In the midst of darkness, light persists.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Occurring Now:

Blessings in Disguise

For many, December has brought about endings in relationships and work situations.  For others, it is and ending of the way you used to do things, and letting go of the old ways. What you may perceive as a problem, is actually a blessing in disguise, answers to your prayers!  It is only through these hardships that you will have clarity.  clarity of why this all happened.  Clarity of being and knowing the strength and power of who you are. You are  Blessed!  As the problem resolves you will see why, and you will be in a better place.

Continues to ask for help from the Angels and Guides that work with you, and know that they are working on your behalf for an outcome that is even greater that you can possibly imagine for yourself!  Know that through the endings and changes, it will bring clarity and growth in your life that you have asked for.

Possible Blocks:


There is too much noise to hear the wisdom of your heart and body. There is too much distraction and a busy mind. in order to hear guidance from your intuition from your guides.  You are guided to do activities that will quiet the mind so that you can hear and listen to your own guidance and intuition.  By doing this, you will find the answers that you seek in order to make the best choices for yourself through the hardships.  Meditation, Walks in Nature, Qi Gong, and Yoga are some conscious and practical activities to help you still the fluctuations of the mind.

Other times you will here your guidance are when you are in Alpha state: taking a shower, blow drying your hair, washing the dishes, even when driving, those moments when your mind wonders in a dream like state.

How to get through the blocks:

Creative projects

When we do a creative activities, we become in that state which is like meditation, or alpha state where we are “here and now” and clear minded.  By doing creative these activities you will be able to better hear the guidance from your heart and body; the whispers, your intuition.  You will be in a more “receptive” state. you many even see, sense, feel or know the guidance during the creative project!  Get creative, start anywhere, I like to doodle and draw.  Perhaps it is baking or knitting or anything that gets you.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose!  Being creative will not only help your Brain to become in Alpha state and quiet the mind, but it will help to give you fuel to take action in other areas of your life.


Shower of Abundance

Here is the GREAT news!  By following the guidance of becoming quiet, listening and doing something creative the outcome is:
“Shower of Abundance”

This can be abundant health, wealth, improved financial situation, abundant love etc….  Follow the guidance in order to hear your own wisdom to take the steps required for a “Shower of Abundance!

Wishing you many blessings,

Nathalie xo



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