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February 2020

Message from the Angelic Realm, The Collective of Love

“For there is no fear for the collective to “worry” about, truly.

There is no thing to fear but the devaluation of the one collective of love.

For there is no grandeur in fear, only loss.  Loss of loved ones way to incorporate the beauty of the Divine in their Hearts and in their Souls.  For you are the collective and the collective is you.

There is no-thing to fear, my love, for it is a construct of your mind – No Thing – is real.

For there is No FEAR, LOVE – NO THING to FEAR, Dear!

For Love is upon you and this Earth, if you would only see this Love – THAT which emanates from the Heart – For all change is that of your creation ,as a collective, Dear.

For That which is NEW, is to be revered, dear one.  It is THAT which you have longed for.

For THIS is the one and only tool for “survival” – LOVE –

For there is NO FEAR, Love, it is an illusion of the mind – of the construct of this time and place, for you are all beings of Love & Light – Returning to that state can sometimes feel difficult or burdensome – For you must surrender your worries to us & God (Universe/Divine/Source).  For that is the way.

Surrender to Self

Surrender to One & Only God Almighty (Universe/Source/Divine)

Surrender to Love, Dear One.

For THAT is the way.

For that which is known to many will be REVERED by ALL – the truth of All That Is, the truth of your world is coming to LIGHT.

FEAR NOT – Love – Fear NOT.

For that which awaits you is



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