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“You know what to do”

Trust your inner knowing, yes, That.  That thing that has just popped into your mind.  Trust and act upon that which you know to be true, that inking in your heart.  Act upon it without delay.  That idea that you have to take steps toward greater health, or the steps towards greater self nurturing, self independence, or whatever has popped up for you!

You may not know all of the steps, but just BEGIN with one action, one step, and each of the other steps will be known in time, then act upon that.  The Universe will support you, but YOU must take the first action step.

“Spread your wings”

take a leap of faith! don’t hold back right now, the time is right and perfect.  You are ready to soar!

“Angel Therapy”

Give your cares and worries to the Angels to God, and allow them to take and transform your burden!  Ask, and receive their help in taking these burdens off of your shoulders.  Trust and have Faith.


Wishing you all the best!

Nathalie xo


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