As a certified Angel Light Practitioner, clairvoyant and empath, Nathalie consults Angel oracle cards and channels messages from the Angelic Realms and the Collective of Love in the Highest Degree and Decree to help bring insight and guidance to help you move forward in life with joy and confidence.

Her readings will help you affect positive change in your life and guide you but will not tell you what to do, or what exactly will happen.  Nathalie gives her readings responsibly with love and light.

What you can expect with Angel Facilitation & Reading

With Nathalie you will connect to Source in a whole new way and feel your connection soar to new levels.  You will open to the highest channels of communication with the Angelic Realms knowing that all work done will be for everyone’s highest and best good.

What is unique to Nathalie’s readings is that in addition to your card reading and channeled message you can receive an energy shift and impartation!

The energy shift can create greater ease in the body and create and welcome new possibilities in your field.  If appropriate she will Impart at your request the Spirit of More Ease, More Emotional well being, More Love or whatever is required for your highest and best good.

As the creator of your own life and experiences, there are no right or wrong answers but rather different possible outcomes with each free will choice that you make. That is why Nathalie does not answer “should I” questions in your card reading, but rather, will help you to formulate your questions so that you can have more clarity and ease around the choices you make.

You will experience enlightenment and confirmation in your life’s direction.

Have a sense of direction, guidance, clarification and hope in the next steps to take in your life.  Become “unstuck” and move through fear with confidence.

Much of the beauty and the magic continues after the session when signs and synchronicities will continue to manifest!

My services include one on one readings.  I can also be booked for your private event to give readings for your guests.  Please contact me to discuss your event.

In Summary you will receive as part of your Session:

Channeled Message

Card Reading

Energy Shift


Have your session over the phone, skype or in person

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