Angel Facilitation & Readings

 As a certified Angel Light Practitioner and clairvoyant, I consult Angel oracle cards to help bring insight and guidance to help you move forward in life with joy and confidence.

I believe that you are the creator of your life and experiences and that there are no right or wrong answers but rather different possible outcomes with each free will choice that you make.

My readings will help you affect positive change in your life and guide you but will not tell you what to do, or what exactly will happen.  My readings are given responsibly with love and light.

My services include one on one readings.  I can also be booked for your private event to give readings for your guests.  Please contact me to discuss your event.

You have changed my circle of “go-to” health professionals.  You are literally at the top of my list when it comes to clarity and peace with my mental and physical health.  Even in writing this note, I can’t accurately find the words to explain how much faith I have in your support.  You are a natural and your abilities are undeniable.  Your card readings provide detailed, insightful and accurate information that help me find a sense of peace and groundedness.  Your body work sessions leave me feeling centred and still, which is quite a feat when you have two small kids and a busy life style.  I can’t thank you enough for all of your time and attention.  I literally owe you my sanity.” – Taylor

  “Nathalie has a true gift and we are so blessed that she chooses to share it. She can read and see things you don’t even know lie hidden within you. Working with her has changed my life.”  – Catharine Katic

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