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What you can expect with Angel Facilitation & Reading

With Nathalie you will connect to Source in a whole new way and feel your connection soar to new levels.  You will open to the highest channels of communication with the Angelic Realms knowing that all work done will be for everyone’s highest and best good.

Receive information on your physical and energetic body to see if any energy needs to be shifted.  If you request, she can shift this energy to create more ease physically, mentally or emotionally and remove these blocks.

After helping you to formulate your questions, she will facilitate in bringing you guidance from the Angelic Realm so that you can have clarity and ease around your choices.

You will experience enlightenment and confirmation in your life’s direction.

Much of the beauty and magic continue after the session when signs and synchronicities will continue to manifest!

What People are Saying about Nathalie:

  “Nathalie has a way of making all the stress and pressures of life seem far, far away!  My session with her was simply amazing, she immediately calms you with her soothing words and healing hands!  Thank you Nathalie, I can’t wait for my next session”   – Susan Pepe


“Nathalie has a true gift and we are so blessed that she chooses to share it. She can read and see things you don’t even know lie hidden within you. Working with her has changed my life.”  – Catharine Katic


15 Minute Free Consultation

Not sure which service will best serve your needs? Set up an appointment time to speak over the phone and see if we are a good match. During this call, I will ask you some questions about your goals and issues you would like to address.

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Angel Facilitation & Readings

in person

60 minutes  $85

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Bring the Magic, Mystery and Loving Guidance of the Angels to your Events

Experience something new and fun that can be very insightful and life changing with the support of friends to share in your experiences.

Receive support on relationships, career, health, and more or confirm your own intuitive guidance with answers from the Angelic Realms.

Mini readings for large groups or full readings for smaller groups can be arranged.

20 minutes $35

30 minutes $50

Guests must pre-register and pre-pay for their readings before the event so that no one will be left out

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Angel Blessings

Receive the Loving Support of Angel Blessings & Prayers

Nathalie will facilitate with the Angelic Realms to bless and shine support and love on your issue.  She will facilitate to begin a shift in the energy surrounding your issue based on Angelic guidance.

Angel Blessings will be done within 24 hours of receiving your request.


Please do not elaborate, just indicate EXACTLY what you need a blessing for. For example: a financial blessing, a release from a toxic relationship, or a new career etc...Thank you.

Crystal Healing Body Regeneration

in person

60 minutes $85

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COMBINED: Crystal Healing Body Regeneration AND Angel Facilitation Reading

in person

60 minutes $85

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