Fluorite to Beat Scatter Brain and Get Things Done!

I get a ton of ideas that I want to put into action. I have learned to write them down in order to calm my mind, but then I have so many items on my list that it seems too intimidating to complete, I don’t know where to start, so I usually give up.  Does this sound like you?

I needed a way to PRIORITIZE, STAY FOCUSED and COMPLETE a task or idea to the very end.

fluorite flatI decided to use my purple and blue fluorite crystal because fluorite its supposed to be good for mental clarity and improved decision making and I hadn’t worked with it yet.

Man oh man, was I organized when I used it!  I stuck to one idea and saw it through till the end.  It took me all day to complete it, but I was FOCUSED, METHODICAL, and ACCOMPLISHED! It felt so good to complete an idea to the very end.

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Clearing Negative Energy from your Crystals

Before I was keenly aware of my sensitivity to energy, I used to be skeptical when people told me that I needed to ‘cleanse’ or ‘clear’ my stones before working with them.

jewel in handBut now, as someone who is able to practice Psychometry, (sensing information from objects), I believe that personal objects can be imprinted with the energy of the person it belongs to.  The electromagnetic field of the object is imprinted with information such as the person’s attributes, attitudes, physical likeness and an overall demeanour that can be sensed by holding the object.  This applies to crystals and stones also.

If the imprint of that person’s energy on your crystal is not desirable and negative, then it could cloud the effectiveness of your crystal.  You may experience headaches, become easily irritated, or dislike the crystal without any known reason.

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Rose Quartz for Sleep?

Rose QuartzRose Quartz for sleep?

Sunday night I started a nasty cold and I decided on a whim to put my palm sized Rose Quartz heart in my pillow case before going to sleep.

I woke the next morning thinking “Wow, such a great sleep! I don’t remember my bed being soooo comfortable! I LOVE my bed”. What changed? same pillows, same blankets. But having had such a cloudy head from being sick, I totally forgot that the rock was in there.

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Recognizing Signs from your Angels & Deceased Loved Ones

apple in tree winterYou know when you keep finding dimes in the most random places, or see a single apple still hanging on to a branch in the middle of winter from your deceased Father’s favorite tree? I believe that these are all signs from your deceased loved ones brought to you with the assistance of Archangel Azrael.  He is also believed to be responsible for placing the image of a loved one over someone else’s face.  Has this ever happened to you?  You swear you see your deceased brother-in-law in the mall 2 or 3 times but you know it’s impossible?  It happens to me a lot.  I have now learned that it is their way of saying “hi! here I am! I am well and with you”.  Seeing these signs helps lift our spirits and makes us happy.

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