Crystal Healing Body Regeneration Session

deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact session to assist in many areas including: grounding, self-love and stress relief.


Experience Increased Well-Being

 Advance your Spiritual Growth

Stimulate Creative Solutions 

Make Crystal Healing Body Regeneration a part of your SELF CARE ritual

A session includes a blend of Body Regeneration Method © to raise and shift the vibration in your field to remove blocks and create new possibilities; Crystal Healing which is working with Crystals on the body to promote well being via the vehicle of physical and energetic crystal entrainment; and Energy work for stress reduction and relaxation.

  • increase intuition and your extra senses to help yourself and others
  • experience signs and synchronicities
  • open up to the realms of possibilities that you didn’t even know existed to help you create solutions
  • learn and experience energy techniques to transform your life and the life of loved ones

“Energy Medicine works well for anxiety, improving muscle relaxation, aiding in stress reduction, chronic pain and promoting a sense of wellbeing. Research is beginning to show that energy healing is an effective tool that encourages healing on many different levels including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.”

Dr. Adam McLeod BSc, ND, and Molecular Biologist

What People are Saying:

Dominique Headshot circle

“I had a very busy morning today and felt frazzled until I saw Nathalie Pellegrini for an amazing Crystal Healing session. My tension melted away and I felt instantly rejuvenated, lovingly supported and balanced. I am so grateful for this session. Thank you Nathalie for creating such a welcoming, peaceful and sacred space for me to rejuvenate and relax.” – Dominique Sy

 Mel 1 headshot circle

“I recently had my first crystal therapy and reiki session, I really had no expectations but it turned out to be a very special experience.  I felt the healing energy right away and after my session I felt clear-headed and more energetic.  I also received some great insight to questions that had been bothering me.  Thank you Nathalie, it was amazing and you’ll see me again soon!” – Melanie Choi

My Training with Crystals and the Energetic Field

I recognize crystals as a powerful energetic tool and that it is essential to those who use them for well being purposes to have adequate training in order to do so in an effective, secure and sensible manner.  As a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Energy Worker, I have an understanding of the human electromagnetic field and how crystals interact with it.  I have been trained in how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal energy and the Body Regeneration Method ©.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy is a school that is an approved provider of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

I continue to learn new and ways to work with the energy field to assist you in creating a state in the body for increased well being and spiritual growth.  I take responsibility in having regular energy clearing as well as changing and raising my vibration, so that I am a clear vessel for your well being.


What happens during a Session?

The following is an example of a typical session however every session is very unique and evolves and changes as I evolve and change how I am working with energy.

Nathalie will call upon the Angels, Guides, Masters and Healing teams that work with both of you to guide and assist in the session as she opens herself to be a vehicle to transmute energy and to flow the energy from Source, Universe, Divine to you for your highest and best good for a benevolent outcome for all.

Your Intention is expressed as to what you would like to work on – this part is very important! You are an active participant during your session.  You may be asked to do visualizations to help shift your energy and to increase your awareness of what is going on in and around your body to help you to learn and grow.  Sometimes there will be a dialogue as to any images or feelings that Nathalie’s intuition picks up on  in order to address them, bring awareness to them and release them.

Lying down on your back or front fully clothed on a Massage Table. You may be asked to flip over during the session, or you may remain fully on the front or back depending on your comfort and what is required for your session.

Intuitive Body ScanNathalie floats her hands about 12 inches away from the body from head to toe to see what she can sense in your field like any distortions in the energy field, in certain chakras, in the physical body (aches, pains, areas of physical injury, past present, future) and to determine which areas in the body will require attention during your session.

Hands on (or floating hands) are placed on the areas on the physical and etheric body that require the shifting of energy or removing blocks or flowing energy into the area of attention determined by the Body out anything that energetically is “heavy” or “sticky”

Crystals will be carefully chosen and placed on the Body from Head to toe to clear any stagnant energy or to shift and remove blocks, to activate and entrain the chakras, to ground you, open your heart chakra or align your throat chakra or whatever is required for you and your body determined by the body scan.

Wrap up – Aligning the energy of the body and body parts and internal organs. Imparting anything that needs to be imparted for greater ease joy and grace in the body to create New Possibilities.  Closing and sealing everything up that we have worked on. Grounding.

3 Card Spread– Nathalie will draw 3 cards from her Angelic Oracle Cards before your session that will be revealed to you at the end to give you an inspiring Message from your Angels.

“Homework” – You may be given something to practice at home for your continuing transformation.  This is completely unique to each session.  It may include a yoga posture, a mantra, a crystal recommendation or other.

Extras – Nathalie will share any visions that come forth.  Sometimes deceased loved ones or pets will come forth and sometimes random visions that through dialogue we can understand its meaning.  A lot of times, meanings only become clear after your session.



Body Regeneration, Crystal Healing and Energy Work is not a substitute for medical treatment.  It is however, a great compliment to any medical or alternative therapies.