Restorative Yoga

Fall Session Begins:

September 13th, 2017 

Beams of Light Yoga Studio, Stoney Creek, ON

Wednesday Evenings

7:00pm to 8:15pm

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What People Are Saying:

Good morning Nathalie. I just had to send you a quick note this morning to tell you something. I have been struggling with very painful hips for such a long time. I have been to physio, a chiropractor and a specialist for them. They trouble me so much that I am often up in the night several times to warm bean bags to put on them and, in the morning, I usually have to get out of bed before I want to because they hurt so much. Not this morning! I woke up this morning, pain-free in my hips! I truly couldn’t believe it. I could feel my pelvic area relaxing and cracking with each breath during that first pose last night. I actually expected to be sore this morning … but was so delighted to find myself feeling so great! So thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I am already eagerly anticipating next week’s class! I hope you have a brilliant day and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Colleen ❤

 “I want to send you a note to thank you for your wonderful classes.  I have practiced restorative yoga with many teachers and your classes, by far, exceeds any previous teachings. Each class is different and I can tell a lot of thought has gone into each of your classes.  And thank you for your help last night, with going just a little bit further than what I would do on my own”. – Alison

NEW: Angel Therapy Meetup!

Allow me to be your guide to a new way of thinking, behaving and creating in your everyday life, my love!

Please join me along with the Archangels to create change in your life, to create joy, to create!

My love, if you feel called or guided to join us, if you feel that inkling your heart, it is with great pleasure and honor that I assist you in creating a greater relationship with the Angels and with self.

Every meetup will be a little bit different depending on the needs and energy of the group.  I look forward to being your guide into the Angelic Realms of Love, Support and Guidance.

This monthly meetup will create change in your life with the help of the Beloved Angels. Topics change every month!

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 Connecting Mind & Body Meetup for Stress and Anxiety Management

This regular Meetup group called “Connecting Mind & Body” is for those wanting to experience relief from Stress and Anxiety in their everyday lives.  It will teach you to lower the body’s stress response to what is going on in the mind.

Experience and learn quick and easy proven strategies like:



•breathing strategies



•body work

No experience necessary!  All are welcome 🙂  Each Meetup we will be learning and experiencing NEW techniques and tools.  It is not a progressive class therefore join us anytime!

Our next Meetup is:

Free Yourself from Overwhelm, Fear and Anxiety

Friday September 29th, 2017

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 

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What People Are Saying:

I really enjoyed myself and I am grateful for the opportunity to attend.
I felt so relaxed and peaceful the rest of the day.
I look forward to the next one.” – Leanna Toohey

Tonight I went to a special class for anxiety & stress relief where we also learned some breathing exercises and meditation. SO helpful! I highly recommend this beautiful soul!” – Kayte Lynn Durham