January 13th Meditation:
New Beginnings

RELEASE the old, WELCOME the new
& SURRENDER to what is

Sunday January 13th


Room 204, Burlington Mall, Upper Level Office Galleria


Like the repetitive line in the children’s book titled: Going on a Bear Hunt:

We can’t go OVER it. We can’t go UNDER it. We have to go THROUGH it.”

We cannot avoid the difficult and messy times that pop up in our lives, even though we REALLY want to! there is no way around it: “we have to go through it”.

BUT we can find PEACE WITHIN with meditation.

It has the power to heal your heart, and increase your physical, mental and emotional health and improve your outlook.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you to:

• Become more Resilient &
• Discover your Inner Strength during times of Adversity
• Find Clarity
• Calm the Mind
• Open the Heart
• Connect to All that Is for Peace and Strength of Heart 

*For those who wish, receive an impartation and have an Angel Oracle Card revealed to you as inspiration for your year ahead!


  • Dress warm!
  • yoga mat
  • blankets

See you soon!


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