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September On-line Meditation Classes September has already Begun! Please contact to join classes in progress.

Nathalie will guide you through some simple meditations to help you to become

  • Grounded
  • Relaxed
  • Calm
  • In the Present Moment
  • connect to your awareness
  • connect to the wisdom of your heart
  • connect to your intuition

During stressful times,  Meditation is a great way to release stress, reconnect to your true self, release the emotions of others, become centered and balanced and reconnect to your infinite power of awareness

This awareness will help you to find a new perspective on the events in your life, become more detached from the drama of others as you learn techniques of Compassion, and connect to your Divine and all knowing, I AM presence.  With practice, you will find yourself becoming less judgmental of yourself and others and respectful of everyone’s experience, as everyone has their own “truth” that they are living.

Some discussion will take place during these classes, so that we can learn from one another.

Nathalie wishes to guide you to become more Hopeful, Joyful, to have Faith and to Enjoy your best life NOW.

The classes take place on ZOOM, either on your smart phone, or computer, or dial in.

You do not need to be on camera for these classes.


Mondays September 7, 14, 21, 28



$32 (no tax) for all 4 classes ($40 after PROMO)

payable by e-transfer by September 5th


OR by Credit Card and Google Pay by link below

NO REFUNDS once payment is made


ZOOM Details:

  • Zoom is easy and free to set up on your smart phone or PC.
  • You will not need to be on camera for Meditation: (your choice)
  • You will not be recorded

What Nathalie’s Students are saying about Meditation

“they make me feel great!”



“you have a beautiful voice”


“I feel so calm”


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